Two Turntables and a Mic: Evolution of Record Player and Rise of the DJ

Welcome to Sonosphere. Here we feature our second show live on WYXR. We couldn’t be more excited for today’s show. Last week, we featured an interview with abstract turntablist Maria Chavez and vocalist Christina Carter. Today, we will continue our journey exploring the record player. You will hear some music from Cut Chemist, Handel, Lee Scratch Perry, Cab Callaway, Grandmaster Flash and others during the next hour. We will highlight the rise of the radio disc jockey and sampling.

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Elizabeth Taylor Greenfield a.k.a. Black Swan Sonosphere

Today on Sonosphere we feature Elizabeth Taylor Greenfield aka Black Swan in the vocal concert tradition of late 19th century America. We will hear from Professor Adam Gustafson who has written about Greenfield as America’s first black pop star for The Conversation an academic journal and is a professor of music at Penn State. We talk about the Greenfield’s early life and rise in the operatic and pop scene in the 19th century. Get the track list and more info at
  1. Elizabeth Taylor Greenfield a.k.a. Black Swan
  2. Sonic Tonic 2021 Finale
  3. Underscore: Darius Jones
  4. Underscore: Mirabai Ceiba
  5. Make Noise Myanmar