The World’s First Duets for Mellotron

With the upcoming release of the Duets for Mellotron LP, we decided to share our interview with the people behind this project.  Prior to the April 16, 2016 performance, at Crosstown Arts in Memphis, TN, we sat down with Winston Eggleston, Robby Grant and Johnathan Kirkscey and talked about what brought this show to fruition and their history with this unique instrument.  Check out the interview on this episode of Sonosphere featuring a track from the performance, “Joan Folds Towels” written by Robby Grant and Jonathan Kirkscey.

15826566_203776573418898_2656035400152452806_nPick up your album January 13-18th, 2017 at Crosstown Arts and relive a beautiful night that was a first of its kind.

Songs Featuring Mellotron and Chamberlin

This month, Sonosphere explores the history and evolution of the keyboard instrument known as the Mellotron. The Mellotron, invented in 1963 had controversial beginnings from stolen designs to orchestra union regulations the mellotron changed the way we listen to and play music.

Mike Pinder with The Moody Blues championed the mellotron and has since introduced classic, psychedelic rock and progressive rock to a world of sound at your fingertips.

This Press Play playlist features bands that have used the mellotron as a prominent instrument in their recording repertoire. From The Beach Boys to Big Star, some of the songs may surprise you. Check it out and stay tuned for Ancient Sampler: The History and Evolution of the Mellotron podcast episode coming soon.

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