Calling Crosstown: A Conversation with Maria Chavez & Christina Carter

Black Swan Records Sonosphere

Today we discuss the first black owned recording company Black Swan Records which sold popular music to black audiences. Its existence was brief, it was only active for two years from 1923 to 1925. During this time however, the label released over 180 records – more than any other black owned record company until the 1950s. Today we’ll talk about the historical context in which the founder, Harry Pace, began and operated the label with mentor W.E.B. DuBois and how his partnership with Memphis blues man W.C. Handy kicked off Pace’s interest in the music industry. For more info and track listing visit http://www.sonospherepodcast.com @snspod
  1. Black Swan Records
  2. Underscore: Christian Fennesz
  3. Detective No.1
  4. Elizabeth Taylor Greenfield a.k.a. Black Swan
  5. Sonic Tonic 2021 Finale