Episode 2 – Futurist and Fascist: Modern Music of 20th Century Italy

The early Twentieth century was a period of rapid change that brought with it a certain violent chaos. Italian artists, led by Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, embraced the fast, furious, noisy and ever-changing environment by creating art and music reflecting their feeling and experience. The Futurist Movement aimed to destroy the status quo and was met with obvious controversy. Tied to fascism and anti-feminist views, people rejected Marinetti and his followers…
This episode explores the inception of Futurism, its growth and influence on modern music, and the self-inflected backlash.

The founder of Italian Futurism, F.T. Marinetti was heavily influenced by French Cubism and Etienne Jules Marey, a scientist and photographer who studied the mechanics of bodies in motion. He also created the first cat video in 1894 called “Falling Cat”


We also share the intonarumori performance by Robert Worby for BBC Radio 3.


Special thanks to Dan Russo for lending his voice.

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jelena-glazova.com and https://soundcloud.com/jelenaglazova


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