Month: March 2016

Songs Featuring Mellotron and Chamberlin

This month, Sonosphere explores the history and evolution of the keyboard instrument known as the Mellotron. The Mellotron, invented in 1963 had controversial beginnings from stolen designs to orchestra union regulations the mellotron changed the way we listen to and play music.

Mike Pinder with The Moody Blues championed the mellotron and has since introduced classic, psychedelic rock and progressive rock to a world of sound at your fingertips.

This Press Play playlist features bands that have used the mellotron as a prominent instrument in their recording repertoire. From The Beach Boys to Big Star, some of the songs may surprise you. Check it out and stay tuned for Ancient Sampler: The History and Evolution of the Mellotron podcast episode coming soon.

Thanks for listening!



Sights and Sounds of Marfa Myths

I had never been to Marfa, TX, but I heard magical things. I wanted to go to this festival called Marfa Myths put on by one of my favorite labels, Mexican Summer.


Marfa Myths sign at Capri

Marfa Myths is a music, art, and film festival in Marfa, TX and curated by the NYC-based record label Mexican Summer and Ballroom Marfa. It started as a one-day event in 2014 with a few artists signed to Mexican Summer performing in various venues around the small Texas town. In its third year it has evolved into a three-day long festival and attracts more than 600 festival-goers from across the country.


Episode 2 – Futurist and Fascist: Modern Music of 20th Century Italy

The early Twentieth century was a period of rapid change that brought with it a certain violent chaos. Italian artists, led by Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, embraced the fast, furious, noisy and ever-changing environment by creating art and music reflecting their feeling and experience. The Futurist Movement aimed to destroy the status quo and was met with obvious controversy. Tied to fascism and anti-feminist views, people rejected Marinetti and his followers…
This episode explores the inception of Futurism, its growth and influence on modern music, and the self-inflected backlash.