Couteau Latex//Manatees @ Glitch

Glitch 1

Couteau Latex entertain in the main room at Glitch 2.19.2016

Friday night Glitch hosted the poster art of Jeff Mahannah. As a part of the opening, Memphis bands Manatees and Sharp Balloons and San Francisco-based band Couteau Latex performed inside the small house venue. Couteau Latex went on first. It was the premiere show of the band, which is made up of Seth Sutton and Lise Sutter. Seth is co-founder of Useless Eaters, a collaboration with the late Jay Retard. Lise is an artist from Geneva, Switzerland. The song shared below was recorded in Switzerland.


Memphis band, Manatees, played next. They are touring the Midwest now after taking some time off last year.

Next time I’ll catch Sharp Balloons and super sorry to miss them…

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