Episode 1: A Brief History of Noise

Welcome to Sonosphere episode 1 A Brief History of Noise. 

Chris and I went to see Wolf Eyes, an American noise band from Michigan at Glitch Gallery – a small house venue for art and music in Memphis. I knew about noise music and listened to Black Dice and Sonic Youth but I didn’t really know about noise bands like Wolf Eyes and Japanoise band, Hijokaidan. So, after seeing Wolf Eyes, I wanted to know more. Where did this noise come from?! Today’s podcast looks at the surface of what is known as “noise music”

Wolf Eyes

Wolf Eyes at Glitch Gallery 2015


 In this episode:

Luigi Russolo – Ensempi

Luigi Russolo – Corale

Arseny Avramov – Sounds of Factory Sirens

John Cage – William’s Mix

Edgard Varese – Poem Electronique

James Tenney – Collage #1

The Beatles – Revolution #9

Throbbing Gristle – Womb of Corruption

Hanatarash – Bulldozer concert

Les Sins – –

The Loop Orchestra – Son of Not Overtly Orchestral

Black Dice – The Jacker




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